KIJHUS Volume. 2, Issue 1 (2021)


Heba Alhamarna, Hala Harb


Egypt Media Ethical Aristotle Bentham and Mill Egyptian Government The Guardian El Husseineya Central Hospital Coronavirus

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This study examined the unethicality of the Egyptian media in its response by analyzing two cases, including that of an opposing report by Guardian reporter Ruth Michaelson  discussing the surging numbers of Covid cases undocumented by the Egyptian Government, as well as a video by a citizen journalist exposing the death of four Covid patients in El Husseineya Central Hospital due to lack of oxygenation. This study aims to examine the responsive coverage to the cases about general ethical analysis approaches in media, including the Potter box with regards to numerous scholars such as Aristotle, Bentham, and Mill. The analysis showed a lack of ethicality within the Egyptian media as they aimed to blur and conceal the truth behind pretenses and create rigid laws prohibiting journalistic freedom. The study also concluded that in both cases presented; the reporting parties presented ethical arguments. Simultaneously, the government and pro-government media outlets were deemed unethical due to their persistence in presenting the public with false reports despite being exposed through numerous incidents and witnesses.