KIJHUS Volume. 1, Issue 2 (2020)


Bulus Comfort, Lwahas Sarah


Television News Presentation Women News and Current Affairs

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The images of women in the media have had a damaging effect on women’s performance and have prevented women from having a significant impact in many key institutions. Women are often under-represented at all levels of government thereby limiting their power. The media in Nigeria have not given women the required space to operate as they should either structurally within media administration or psychologically in the representation of women's images. This study sought to find out how women news presenters have fared in News Presentation in Nigeria. It focused on identifying the factors that affect their job, reasons for the absence of older women in presentation and challenges of mentorship for women presenters. This was discussed in relation to how they have affected women’s performance. Attribution theory was used and semi - structured interviews were conducted with 5 female news presenters, 2 female program managers, 3 male news presenters and 2 male program managers from two selected media organizations in Jos namely, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Network and Plateau Radio Television Corporation (PRTVC) to enrich the qualitative presentation of data. This study revealed that there is a need for Nigerian women presenters to show sensitivity for a wider range of topics/issues bringing to the fore the perspectives/perceptions women have. Women are also in need of more training and mentorship should not only be encouraged but sustained.