KIJHUS Volume. 3, Issue 3 (2022)


Atoi, Ewere Nelson


Boko Haram Religious Fundamentalism Western Education Muslims North-East

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Abstract: The Boko Haram religious fundamentalists have continued to exhibit negative attitude towards western education in north-east Nigeria because they believe that such system of education is harmful to the socio-economic and moral wellbeing of Muslims in the region. This study, therefore, explored Boko Haram religious fundamentalism and attitude to western education in north-east Nigeria with a view to ascertain whether western education is actually the cause of the socio-economic and moral problems bedeviling the region. Data was gathered from existing literature, media reports and observation of the contemporary religious and socio-economic situation of the north-east. Historical, content, critical and constructive methods of analysis were used for data interpretation. This paper revealed that Boko Haram fundamentalism and hatred for western education is predicated on their belief in orthodox Islam. The group demonstrated their hatred for western education by launching violent attacks on every institutions and persons that represent such system of education in the north-east. Unfortunately, western education is not the cause of the problems confronting Muslims in the region. The real architects of the problems are the religious and political elites who have failed in their responsibilities. This essay submits that the people should accept and invest in western education because it is the major solution to the problems confronting the north-east.