KIJHUS Volume. 3, Issue 2 (2022)


Fagbemi, Ayodeji, Yinus, S.O., Olowookere-Oduyebo, A.


Microfinance credit facility Business Performance Microfinance bank Entrepreneurship Development

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Abstract: The study assesses the effect of microfinance bank credit administration on entrepreneurship development in Oyo State, Nigeria. Stratified sampling techniques were used to select three MFBs from senatorial districts of the state. A structured questionnaire was administered to the three selected MFBs by five MFB staff members, and 50 entrepreneurs from each MFB were chosen using a random sampling technique. Data collected was analysed with the aid of descriptive statistics like tables, percentages, and frequency while inferential statistics such as Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) and regression analysis were used to analyse the formulated hypotheses. Results (MLD, P = 0.856; AMBL, P = 0.867; ESD, P = 0.835; AASP = 0.844; MIC, P = 0.885; and CS, P = 0.661) revealed that there is a significant relationship between MFBs' credit administration and entrepreneurial development. The study concluded that MFB credit administration has a significant positive influence on entrepreneurship development. The study, therefore, recommended that stringent conditions attached to the collateral security to access credit from microfinance banks.