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Call for Reviewers

Help us reduce the manuscript processing time!

We are a new academic journal and as such are experiencing a high rate of decline from potential reviewers. This is understandable, since a lot of academics do not want to waste their time and effort reviewing for a journal that mght not even survive the first year. KIJHUS is committed to quality and longevity and as such will like to reiterate that KIJHUS will uphold all ethical standards in scholarly publication. We are also supported by Kampala International University - the leading private university in Uganda and the 2nd best private university in the whole of East Africa.

We are hereby seeking your expertise as a reviewer and an academic in the general field of humanities and social sciences. You will be doing a lot for us and the academic community as a whole. As you know, the peer-review process is the most important aspect of academic publication.

We welcome all of you to join us in our pursuit of academic excellence and integrity within the field of humanities and social sciences.

Kindly send a mail indicating your willingness to review for us to, [email protected].

Assoc. Prof. Awobamise Ayodeji
KIU Interdisciplinary Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences