KIJHUS Volume. 3, Issue 2 (2022)


AKINOLA Olufunlola Odunayo, OFORDU Chinyere Salome, APPAH Ogechukwu Rose, AMADI Joyce Okama


Nigeria UNESCO world heritage sites ecotourism representatives work performance

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Abstract: Work performance is how well an individual plays out a task, job, task or obligation which incorporates tangible (income targets) and intangible effects (communication). This study examined heritage site representatives’ work performance in South-West Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling procedure (purposive and simple random) was engaged in the selection of one hundred and forty-six (146) representatives used for the study. Primary data were on heritage site representatives’ work performance which was done by the use of a structured questionnaire. Mean scores and Analysis of Variance in addition to Regression Analysis were used to analyse and test the data collected. The result indicated that the heritage site representatives’ prime adaptive work performances were their ability to handle effectively the work team in the face of change (8.21) and the belief that mutual understanding can lead to a viable solution in heritage sites (8.14). The heritage site representatives’ leading contextual work performances were their ability to share knowledge and ideas among their team members (7.92) and by maintaining good coordination among their fellow representatives (7.78). The heritage site representatives’ top task work performances were their ability to complete their assignments on time (8.06) and maintaining a high work standard (8.39). The constraints of heritage sites representatives’ are the receipt of less wage from ecotourism business (7.47), personal/family issues (7.29), too many expectations (7.13), excessive workload (7.06), unconducive work environments (6.91), poor policy implementation (6.89) and unclear objectives/performance standards (6.73). The result further specified that there was a significant difference (F = 13.632, p<0.05) in the work performance of heritage site representatives across the UNESCO world heritage sites in South-West, Nigeria. It was recommended heritage site representatives’ motivator factors should be improved upon as this would enhance their work performance level thus reducing their constraints of work performance.